Oct. 10. 2011

  1. theyoungist posted this
My Concern

is not with particular humans, but with the human condition we all seem to share. our world, our consciousness, our reality as we witness it moment to moment is comprised of electrical signals being sent from one brain cell to another. once you witness something, once you make a decision, once you have an idea, an electrical passageway is burnt into your brain, physically changing theway the inside of you functions. once this happens you can never go back. this is called life, it happens hundreds of millions of times (at least) each second and every person on the planet is subject to it. no one is immune. what has already been done will never fade away; it can be swept aside, built on-top of, or simply ignored, but never erased. this is life. it is what it is. theres no changing what it is, you can either accept it and be happy, or deem it unacceptable and writhe in your own discomfort.